Campaign 4 Philmont



Update (May 2014): $1,279,187 pledged, or 91%, of the $1.4 million goal. We’ve received $658,580 in payments towards that pledge from 403 donors!

Philmont Scout Ranch will soon celebrate its 75th anniversary. No place in the world has done a better job of transforming ideas into action than this magical corner of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Through the years, its programs have endured because they are grounded in principles as solid as the Tooth of Time. Generations of idealistic young people have come of age on its staff, and hundreds of thousands of Scouts and Scouters have prepared for the trails, then to discover that they are even better prepared for life. Thousands more have learned how to advance Scouting through the programs of the Philmont Training Center.

Few places have mastered the leadership skills that have made Philmont such a success. A professional staff second to none, an intensely committed cadre of volunteers, and a corps of current and former staff work as partners, leveraging each other’s talents into a dynamic operation delivering wilderness adventures that last a lifetime.

These partners have taken the occasion of Philmont’s 75th anniversary not only to reflect on past achievements, but to assess needs for the future. An operation as big as Philmont requires a huge investment of human and financial capital. The resources of the Boy Scouts of America are needed in many ways and in other places. And so, the Philmont family joins together to insure the Philmont experience for generations yet to come.

We know that you love Philmont or you wouldn’t have read this far. We are deeply grateful for that, and would appreciate the chance to partner with you to insure that its next 75 years are as significant as its first. Contact us. Together, we can make it happen.

How you can help?

  • Make a financial contribution to the Campaign4Philmont.
  • Be willing to make personal contacts to potential donors to the Campaign4Philmont.
  • Share this message with your Philmont friends.

Four Unique Projects

The Campaign4Philmont is the third capital campaign of the Philmont Staff Association in support of the Ranch. The first two highly successful ventures–to build the PSA Staff Dining Hall and the Silver Sage Staff Activity Center–focused on physical/programmatic needs of the Ranch that were specific to the staff itself. In this third campaign, larger than the first two combined, the scope has been broadened to meet Ranch needs in a variety of venues–each one important to Philmont’s future.

Replacement of Advisor’s Meeting Facility


The building used for advisor meetings is a former storage structure in poor condition. Replacing it with a multi-use meeting/training facility for advisors, and space for Philmont’s chaplains (which have no office/meeting space now) and the base camp manager will fill a tremendous need for camping operations. The anticipated cost for this building is $400,000, with the remainder coming from internal Philmont accounts.

Period-Appropriate Backcountry Furnishings

One of Philmont’s great program features is the living history program throughout the backcountry. Various parts of New Mexico history come alive through facilities and program set in historical contexts, with staff dressed for the period. The one piece missing is furnishings/accessories for staff quarters that are sturdy, substantial and period-appropriate.

Philmont Training Center Facilities Upgrade

As we reach more diverse audiences, and as we increase the year-round use of PTC, there are major upgrades needed. Foremost among them are accessible restrooms on the same level as the dining facilities, and improved wheelchair access to the dining halls and assembly hall.

Scholarship Support for Seasonal Staff

Some of the finest young people in the nation serve on Philmont’s seasonal staff. They are exactly the role models we want for Scouts today. Unfortunately, we too often find ourselves losing seasoned staff because of the financial pressures they face. A college scholarship program started by the PSA several years ago provides Ranch management an additional tool to retain the best of the best. This part of the campaign will allow us to grow it further to meet the ever increasing demand for scholarships.


Although most of the work for this campaign is being done by volunteers, there will still be administrative, printing, postage, recognition, and some staff expense to insure the program’s success. To cover these costs, we will need to raise an additional $100,000, bringing the total campaign goal to $1.4 million.

What Can I Do?

Give some serious thought to the program needs outlined in the Campaign4Philmont. If there is one of particular interest to you, we’d be glad to discuss a restricted gift. If there are several, or if you would just like to support the campaign generally, an unrestricted gift may make more sense for you.

Capital campaigns are those that contemplate exceptional, unusual needs beyond the day to day. They are often the “capstone” or “singular” gift that makes a significant difference in a way that really matters to the donor. For that reason, we understand that some may need to make their gift over a period of years, or transfer assets like securities or property. We would be happy to discuss these or other options–but all gifts of any size will be gratefully received. A card which identifies giving opportunities is enclosed for your convenience–but if you would rather discuss the campaign in person, simply check that box and we will be in touch promptly.

Pick your level:

  • Baldy Level Donor – $10,000
  • Phillips Level Donor – $7,500
  • Black Mountain Level Donor – $5,000
  • Tooth of Time Level Donor – $3,000
  • Urraca Level Donor – $1,000
  • Trail Peak Level Donor – $600
  • Rayado Level Donor – $300
  • Wilson Mesa Level Donor – $100

Please contact the PSA office at 575-376-1138 with any questions you may have or to donate by phone or mail.

*In addition to current gifts for the Campaign4Philmont, we have received commitments for $1.25M in planned gifts. If you are interested in planned giving for the benefit of Philmont or the PSA, please contact us at 575-376-1138. Thank you.