The Philmont Staff Association has provided scholarships since its founding in 1973. From the beginning, the PSA raised funds to provide scholarship for Rayado trek participants, but over the years we’ve expanded to include other individual treks. Named scholarships honor and remember staff. In 2015, we gave a combined $9,600 to Rayado, ROCS, Trail Crew Trek, OA Trail Crew, and STEM Trek participants. Many of those recipients will become Philmont staff in coming years.

Named trek-based scholarships

  • Chuck Morales Scholarship
  • Dave Terrey Scholarship
  • Joe Davis Scholarship
  • John Sanders Memorial Scholarship
  • John Vogt Memorial Scholarship
  • Kelly Reese Scholarship
  • Nick Pisor Memorial Scholarship
  • Philmont Service Scholarship
  • Stillwell Scholarship
  • The H & D Jung Scholarship
  • The Paisley Scholarship
  • The Schroeder Family Scholarship
  • Trey Jones ROCS Scholarship
  • Vern Sipes Philmont Scholarship
  • Waite Phillips Scholarship
  • Walter Hudson Scholarship

We began awarding scholarships for college expenses to seasonal staff in 2005. As of the end of 2015, we’ve presented $277,000 to nearly 300 college-bound returning staff to assist with the cost of their education. Initially, funds for this program were raised with the silent auction and individual donations, but more recently our Campaign4Philmont capital campaign boosted the funds available with a $500,000 drive. As a result, several endowed scholarships were created.

Named college scholarships

  • Dr. Marshall E. Hollis Family Scholarship
  • Express UU Bar Scholarship
  • Lyle Potts Memorial Scholarship
  • P. James and Judith A. Delaney Philmont Staff Scholarship
  • Park Foundation Scholarship
  • Russell Smart Scholarship
  • The Toney Family Scholarship

Donations to any of our scholarship funds are always welcome.

For more information, contact the PSA office at (575) 376-1138.