Service Projects

On-going Service Projects

Volunteer Vacation

The PSA Volunteer Vacation began in 2016. This ongoing service project to Philmont has been a major success, selling out every year thus far. Philmont Staff Association members have jumped at an opportunity to get back to Philmont and truly “give back” their time and hard work to help Philmont. The initial project for Volunteer Vacation has been the construction of a spur trail going to the summit of Cimarroncito Peak – no trail had existed previously. This project is led by the Philmont Conservation Department and is expected to be completed in 2021. A new Volunteer project will then be chosen for 2022.

While the Volunteer Vacation is a challenging service project involving dirt, muscle, and sweat, it’s also a fantastic Philmont backcountry experience. The Volunteers camp, cook, and live at 10,000 feet near the worksite for the entire week. A true team camaraderie quickly develops with each year’s group of participants. Nightly campfires, shared with a new group of friends that have all gathered for the same cause of helping Philmont, create everlasting memories.


PhilBreak was re-established in 2019 and 2020 as a response to the 2018 Ute Park fire. Assisting with recovery and improvement efforts, PSA members have returned to the Ranch in March each year to perform forest fuels reduction, slash pile burning, and general debris clearing. Each week has been an exciting, rewarding, exhausting, and satisfying week of give-back and contribution to Philmont.

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Previous Service Projects

2009 Reunion Service Project


2006 Reunion Service Project

August 6-8th, 2006

Continued work on the Urraca Trail used by the PTC participants as well as working on projects around the Stockade. Lodging was at RMSC.