Waite Phillips Scholarship Fund

The Waite Phillips Rayado Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Tulsa Philmont Staff Association is pleased to announce the establishment of the Waite Phillips Rayado Scholarship Endowment Fund. On September 26, 2003, The Tulsa PSA held a luncheon in honor of Waite Phillips and his family at their former Tulsa home, presently known as Philbrook Museum of Art. The luncheon attendees were honored to have Elliot ‘Chope’ (Waite’s son) and his wife, Virginia Phillips, their daughter, granddaughter and extended family attending this event. Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune presented Keith Gallaway, General Manager of Philmont Scout Ranch, with a proclamation claiming September 26, 2003 as “Waite Phillips Appreciation Day” for Waite’s generous contribution of Philmont to the National Scouting Program.

This Rayado Scholarship will be administered by the Philmont Staff Association, and will be annually awarded to a deserving camper who wishes to take part in the Rayado program. Funds received for this purpose are set aside in a restricted account with only the interest being utilized. It’s our hope to raise funds in order to create enough interest to cover the full cost of a Rayado experience.

Please consider making an annual contribution to the only established PSA fund, honoring and thanking Waite Phillips and his family. Checks payable to: Philmont Staff Association and attach a note stating “The Waite Phillips Rayado Scholarship Endowment Fund”.

Tulsa PSA 2003 Luncheon Committee

  • Robert ‘Bob’ LaFortune (Ranch Committee Member)
  • Lt.Col. Greg Madden (Staff 69,71,72,73)
  • David Phillips (Staff 72,73,74)
  • Steve Ramsay (Staff 72,73,78)