Subscribe to PSA Updates

Subscribe to PSA Updates

You can subscribe to the updates made on the PSA site. You can do this without learning too much about how by simply clicking this button:

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Blogs like ours produce what are called RSS feeds. This means that you can subscribe to the frequent updates of a the PSA site by using software built to read these feeds. The button above takes you to a popular online ‘feed reader’ for subscribing, but there are plenty of others offering similar readers online or installed on your desktop.

A search for “feed reader” ought to turn up plenty of choices.

Many websites that are not traditional blogs also offer RSS feeds. You can subscribe to your movie rental queue, your flight information, your friends’ calendars, words of the day, job searches, and lots of other online information. Any place you see the words ‘RSS’, ‘feed’, ‘Atom’, or ‘subscribe’ are generally good ones. As well as any place you see a picture like this:

Clicking a feed link like the ones below will display what appears to be raw code. Copy and paste the URL into your feed reader of choice to subscribe.

The advantage of subscribing to a website is that you do not need to continually return to that site to check for updates, your feed reader does that for you. So if your favorite site updates a couple times a week you can let you reader tell you when it has. If it updates four times a day, your reader will let you know that too.

Add the PSA and then start adding more as you find them.

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