Listening to a Podcast

Listening to a Podcast

The most important thing to know is that you do not need anything special to download and play a podcast. If you are reading this and your computer has speakers, you have everything you need.

What is a Podcast
Podcasts are audio or video files stored on the web and available for subscription via RSS. Most people sychronize these files with their MP3 players (iPod, iRiver, and others) and listen to them later while commuting to work or working out. But it’s just as easy to listen to them directly from the Internet on your desktop or laptop computer.

Podcasts often contain independant music and opinionated commentary, but there are also how to, trivia quiz, and sound-seeing podcasts. You should expect the quality of production and content to vary widely.

How Do I Subscribe
As mentioned above, you don’t need anything more than a computer and speakers to listen to a podcast. On our site just click on the link or the podcast icon and listen in your web browser.

If you really want to enjoy our podcast or others to the fullest extent, you will want to install an application called a podcatcher and subscribe to all your favorites. Many podcatchers are free and some are built into other applications you may already have installed (like iTunes). These small programs will allow you to subscribe to a podcast via a special URL to the podcast’s feed. Once subscribed, this application will regularly check each subscription for new files. No need for you to come back to the website daily.

How Much Do Podcasts Cost
The PSA podcast is free. There are very few podcasts requiring payment.

Surprisingly, even the best produced and most useful podcasts are free. You may see lots of advertising or ‘tip jars’ on the podcast’s website but you are not obliged to contribute.

Podcasts are typically a labor of love, but they still do take time and cost money to produce. There are many ways to support the continuation of a favorite podcast.

Where Can I Find Podcasts
You can find them right here. Ours is much less regular than most popular podcasts and it’s recommended that you subscribe so that you can just forget about it till a new one is up. There are many podcasts and podcast directories out there, doing a search on “podcast directory” ought to provide plenty of options.

Can I Make My Own Podcast
An old adage about sailing states that it takes little time to learn to sail, but a lifetime to become a sailor. It probably does not take that long to become a podcaster, but making a podcast is quite easy and very little stopping you from creating your own.

There are numerous resources on the web, local groups, and even books on podcasting. If you are interested, you will not have to search long for assistance.

The PSA podcast is currently produced internally. We welcome your show ideas and feedback.