Renew or Join the PSA

Membership in the PSA is open to all former and current Philmont Staff (including Autumn Adventure and Kanik Staffs), Philmont Training Center Instructors (including conference hosts and facilitators), Double H staff, and NJLIC and NAYLE Staff for courses held at Philmont.

For more information about joining the PSA please contact Denice Toney, VP-Membership or Dollie O’Neill, Executive Director.

Receive HIGH COUNTRY forever! Life Memberships in the PSA receive all of the benefits of a Regular Membership, plus a 10% discount on all in-store purchases at Philmont’s Tooth of Time Traders Trading Post and the Seton Museum. Life Memberships can be paid all at once or over a 12-month period with an initial $50 installment.

Membership Brochure

Seasonal Staff Membership $15.00 (Now available for 3 years after your summer staff ends!)

Annual/3 Year Memberships (new/renewal) $32.00

Family Membership (new/renewal) $40

New! E-Memberships (new/renewal) – receive the High Country electronically: $20 Annual or $35 Family

New Life Membership – Full Payment $595.00

Life Membership – 1st Payment / Payment On Balance $50.00

Gift Membership $32.00

High Country Subscription $35.00

50% Spousal Life Membership $297.50