Ranch Hands

The Ranch Hands program is an opportunity for young men/women to earn an eight (8) day Cavalcade trek at Philmont by participating in an eight (8) day work session. You will work with the Horse Department staff taking care of Philmont’s 250 head of horses and 80 head of burros. You will be hauling hay and feed, saddling horses, helping keep the horses shod, and assisting on Philmont trail rides. The work can be strenuous and requires top physical and mental conditioning. All necessary equipment will be provided by Philmont, and all participants will be covered by camper’s insurance.

After your eight day work experience, The Ranch Hands crew will gather together and embark on an eight day Cavalcade under the leadership of a Horseman and Wrangler. You will ride the trails through some of the most beautiful country in America. Each night you will be in a different Philmont camp where the program may be Rock Climbing, Archeology, Mountain Man Rendezvous, or Homesteading. The final afternoon of your Cavalcade features a horseback gymkhana in the arena at Ponil Camp.