The Roving Outdoor Conservation School (R.O.C.S.) is an exciting program at Philmont Scout Ranch for Scouts and Venturers who have an interest in conservation and natural
resource management. Participants will enjoy a 21-day trek throughout Philmont’s 137,493 acres of rugged mountain wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Range of the Rocky Mountains of northeastern New Mexico.

The School will offer each participant in-depth experiences in Conservation and Environmental Science. As the crew hikes the ranch, they will camp in many of the different forest types and participate in activities in the following areas: forestry, fire ecology, insects, fisheries management, wildlife management, geology, plant identification and dendrology, watershed management and range management. In addition part of the trek will practice “Leave No Trace” and “Tread Lightly” techniques.

During the R.O.C.S. trek each crew will spend several days building new trails and rebuilding some of the existing trails. The crew will also practice recreation management by improving trail and staff camps in the Backcountry. The experience of trail construction and campsite improvements will provide some great skills that will be useful in projects at local council camps or recreation areas throughout America when the participant returns home.

R.O.C.S. participants will work and hike in crews under the leadership of trained instructors. Crews will be composed of young men or young women (not coed) from all over the United States. All crew equipment such as tents, cooking gear and tools, will be provided by Philmont and all participants will be covered by campers’ insurance.

The program is not simply working on various conservation projects and hiking, R.O.C.S. is ultimately a journey that challenges Scouts and Venturers in education, in service, and in adventure.