2020 PSA PhilBreak

2020 PSA PhilBreak

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PSA PhilBreak Expands For 2020

multiple sessions, lower cost, more activities, airport and Amtrak shuttles

The 2019 PhilBreak was an exciting, rewarding, exhausting, satisfying week of give-back and contribution to Philmont. Assisting with the 2018 Ute Park fire recovery efforts, PSA members returned to the Ranch this past March to perform timber stand improvement (TSI), slash pile burning, and general debris clearing.

In 2020, PSA members will have 4 Sessions to again help Philmont with the 2018 fire recovery.


The four weeks for PSA members are:

  • Session 1: February 29th–March 7th
  • Session 2: March 7th–March 14th
  • Session 3: March 14th–March 21st
  • Session 4: March 21st–March 28th

Registration opens on Friday, November 1st at noon Mountain Time.

Each session will consist of 6 to 12 PSA members and cost only $105. This ultra-low fee will cover all meals and roofed, nightly housing at the PTC. Participants will be driven to the worksite every day. During the week, evening educational lectures, Villa and Scouting Museum tours, and special hours at the Tooth of Time Traders will be offered. On Friday of each session, participants will relax and finish the week with a day hike to a Philmont backcountry location.

To help with transportation, the Raton Amtrak and Albuquerque Airport shuttles will be offered for each session. The cost will be $20 (Raton) and $100 (ABQ). This price covers both pickup and return.

Who Can Attend?

This program is available to PSA members and their eligible family members. The minimum age is 16 years by date of participation. Trek-eligible family members include your spouse, child or stepchild, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, niece, nephew or in-law of the PSA member. Please do not register anyone who does not meet these requirements.

BSA Membership Required

All participants are required to be currently registered with the BSA. You will need to include your BSA membership # at the time of registration. If you are not a BSA member, you can still register for PhilBreak, but you must provide your new BSA # to the PSA Office within 30 days or your registration will be canceled. Obtaining a BSA membership is becoming a little more complicated and time-consuming. If you’re not a member, start the process now to ensure you’re eligible for PhilBreak.

Medical Requirement

Only Parts A and B of the Philmont medical form are required for the 5 working days of PhilBreak. While a doctor’s signature is not required, please note that the PhilBreak program will require hard physical work, long hours, wide-ranging weather conditions, good crew spirit, and a sense of humor. This program is not leisurely. Philmont height and weight guidelines will be enforced. The PSA reserves the right to return the entire registration fee of any person who would be inappropriate for this program. PLEASE NOTE: the 6th day of PhilBreak is an optional organized hike into the Philmont Backcountry. Part C of the medical form will be needed for this activity. Part C requires a doctor’s signature.

Four Weeks to Choose From

You can register for any of the 4 weeks offered. Each week can accommodate 6 to 12 participants. If your chosen week does obtain the minimum number, we will contact you directly and see if you’re willing to switch to another week. If you can’t switch, a refund will be issued.

Tentative Schedule for Each Week

  • Saturday: Arrive at Philmont during the day. You must arrive by 5 PM MST. No late arrivals will be allowed. If you cannot arrive by 5 PM, then you should plan on arriving on the Friday before and stay in Cimarron, Taos, Raton, etc. The first Philmont provided meal will be Saturday dinner in the PTC Dining Hall. In the evening, the Conservation Department will begin the program with introductions and specific plans, gear info, advice, and general Q&A.
  • Sunday through Thursday: Daily transport to the fire area/worksite. Crews will work on various forestry projects. Breakfast and dinner at the PTC. Sack lunch in the field.
  • Friday Day: Day Off! Optional, organized day-hike in Philmont backcountry. Possible day of skiing in Red River (participants provide their own transportation and fees).
  • Friday Evening: Recognition Dinner and final gathering.
  • Saturday: Depart Philmont after breakfast

During the week, special tours (Villa, Scouting Museum) will be offered. In addition, the Conservation Department will be presenting seminars and the Tooth of Time Traders will schedule a special after-hours opening.

Questions and Answers

  1. Are we camping? No. We will spend all nights at the PTC and stay in roofed housing. You will share rooms with other Phil-breakers. We will be transported daily to the worksite.
  2. Do we need a pack? Yes. A good-sized day pack or weekend pack. Every day you will be driven to the worksite, but you’ll need to carry a sack lunch, lots of water (4-6 liters), rain gear, extra warm clothing, gloves, camera, etc.
  3. Will it be cold? Most likely. This is the Backcountry in March at 8,000–9,000 feet. Plan on layers for your clothing. We had significant snow and cold during the 2019 PhilBreak.
  4. Where will we be working? In the Backcountry–multiple locations. It’s too early right now for the Conservation Department to pinpoint exactly where we’ll be working.
  5. Are there multiple PhilBreak sessions? There are four(4) 1-week PSA PhilBreak sessions this year. In addition, there will be OA PhilBreak sessions running concurrently but separately.
  6. Can a spouse or other family member hang out at the PTC while I work every day? No.
  7. Can I arrive later in the week and still participate? No
  8. What are Albuquerque airport shuttle times? Participants must arrive in Albuquerque by 12 noon on the first Saturday and depart after 1PM on the final Saturday.
  9. What happens if the week I’ve chosen does not reach the minimum number of participants? We will contact you and provide the option to switch to another week. If you can’t switch, a refund will be issued.
  10. I’m having trouble obtaining my BSA membership. Can I still attend? No. You must be a registered BSA member. Start the registration process now! Your PhilBreak registration will be canceled if you cannot provide your BSA Membership # at the time of registration or within the following 30-day period.

Contact Us

If you have further questions, please contact us:

Payment Instructions and Refunds

  • Register here on the PSA website first, but then...
  • Payment is made directly to Philmont (address below), not the PSA
  • Philmont accepts checks only, no credit cards or PayPal
  • Make check payable to: "Philmont Scout Ranch"
  • In the memo, please write: "2020 PSA PhilBreak"
  • Philmont’s refund policy: ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. THEY CANNOT BE APPLIED TO FUTURE PSA TREKS OR EVENTS. Emergency situations will be handled by Philmont (not the PSA) on an individual basis.

Send check to this address:
Philmont Scout Ranch
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Announcing Our 2020 Board

National Officers

  • Dr. Daniel Miller, President
  • Denice Toney, VP Membership
  • Bryan Delaney, VP Service
  • Mitch Standard, VP Development
  • Charlie Aldredge, Treasurer
  • AnneMarie Pinkenburg, Secretary

National Directors

  • Sarah Burgess
  • Annaliese Parker
  • Steve Rick
  • Tim Rosseisen
  • Christine Salisbury Sammons
  • Randy Saunders
  • Phil Winegardner

Regional Directors – Northeast

  • Catherine Crouch Mirick
  • Ken Davis

Regional Directors – Central

  • Dave Fromm
  • Brad Plumb

Regional Directors – Southern

  • Jim Lynch
  • Kristi Noble

Regional Directors – Western

  • Tom Giugni
  • Rick Kagawa

2019 Silent Auction at the Reunion

2019 Silent Auction at the Reunion

Silent Auction Begins








The Biggerer and Betterer Silent Auction

The Biggest & Best PSA Silent Auction at the PSA Annual Reunion will open Saturday morning, July 27 at 8:00 am and close in the afternoon at 4:30 pm.

To make it the biggerer and betterer silent auction, we really need your help. PSA members always come through, so let’s do it once more. We need auction items. Search your drawers, your closets, and your garage. What items would really be desired by PSA members? And remember, they don’t have to be Philmont or Scouting related—anything that might interest a PSAer is welcome.

100% of  funds generated by the Biggerer and Betterer Silent Auction go to the Staff Scholarship Fund. The more we raise, the more scholarships we can award.

Send in your small items now, but please contact the office before shipping those items so our staff knows what to expect. Larger items need to be held till July 1st since we don’t have any storage.

Don’t send staff shirts from the past 20 years, but if you have an old yellow “bumblebee” staff shirt, we’d like to have it—those have become collectors’ items!

For information or to make donations, contact:
Dollie O’Neill [email protected]

Ship items to:
Philmont Staff Association, 17 Deer Run Rd, Cimarron, NM 87714

2019 PSA Summer Reunion at the PTC

Register an adult (18 and up) for $65 or a child (5-17) for $30 online. Children 4 and younger are free.

The Philmont Staff Association’s 2019 Summer Reunion will be held on the weekend of July 26-28 at the Philmont Training Center (PTC). You and your family are invited to participate in a weekend of activities, service, fellowship, and sharing memories. The Philmont Training Center is the perfect venue for our reunion. The facilities at PTC are first class. Tents are large two-person wall canvas on wooden or concrete floors with electricity, lighting, a wardrobe, and two twin beds. Each tent city has restrooms and family shower houses with hot water. There is also a laundromat, so, bring the family to the reunion as part of your summer vacation.

Some of the tentative activities for the weekend include: day hikes, a conservation service project, campfire programs, tours of the Villa Philmonte, and a silent auction. The new National Scouting Museum will be open and a “must see” on your weekend agenda. The PSA’s Annual Business Meeting will be on the schedule during the weekend, too.

This schedule is subject to change as we get closer that weekend.

Friday, July 26th

  • 1–5 pm Check-in at the Philmont Training Center; tent assignments will posted at the PTC and PSA Offices
  • 5:30–6:30 pm dinner at PTC Dining Hall
  • 6:45–7:45 pm Fire Recovery Presentation, Zach Seeger and Mike Crockett
  • 8:00 pm “Palnick Porch Talk” Ice Cream Social, Murphy-Lynch Veranda at PTC Dining Hall

Saturday, July 27th

  • 7 am Breakfast
  • 8 am Meet at PTC parking lot for hike, TBD
  • 8 am Silent Auction opens (4:30 pm close), Marchetti Room, National Scouting Museum
  • 12–1 pm lunch at PTC Dining Hall
  • 1:30–2:30 pm Philmont Fire Station Tour
  • 3–4 pm Annual Meeting, PTC Assembly Hall
  • 4:30 pm Silent Auction closes
  • 5:30–6:30 pm dinner at PTC Dining Hall
  • 6:30 pm Group Photo Villa Lawn
  • 7:15 pm Silver Sage and Distinguished Alumni Awards, PTC Assembly Hall
  • Silver Sage Reception, after the awards presentation

Sunday, July 28th

  • 7 am Breakfast
  • 8 am PSA Treks check-in at CHQ Welcome Center
  • 8–9 am PSA Reunion attendees move out PTC tents. Must be moved out by 9 am to allow time for staff to prepare for Sunday check-in for PTC Participants
  • 10 am–12 noon PSA Reunion participants possible visit or schedule a tour the Chase Ranch, Villa Philmonte or Rayado
  • 12 noon Departure

2019 Autumn Adventure Trek

2019 Autumn Adventure Trek

By Steven and Cynthia Truemper

See Philmont from a different perspective than the hustle and bustle of the summer that you experienced while being on staff, enjoy the stillness and serenity of the Philmont backcountry, backpack through the golden aspens and listen for bugling elk. Join the PSA this October for the Twelfth Annual PSA Autumn Adventure Trek. The backcountry camps have already gathered so the program will consist of hiking, sightseeing and fellowship.

Trek dates are October 13–19, 2019, and the cost is $305 per person. Optional day early arrival for an additional $25.

Registration and payment is different this year than it has been in the past. Please see details at the end of this post.

Register now.

  • Saturday – optional meet and greet, 7 PM
  • Sunday – report to the Welcome Center at 9 AM, basecamp checkout and hit the trail*
  • Friday – return from trail
  • Saturday – depart Philmont

*Indian Writings base will head to IW.

Basecamp tents are available for the night before and the night after the trek.

Cost and Eligibility
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Be a member of the PSA or Trek-eligible family member
  • Be a member of the BSA
  • Have a completed Philmont medical form
  • Be 14 years old OR completed 8th grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to participation
Trek Space and Eligible Members

There will be 14 trekker slots (42 total) available for us to fill each of three sessions, don’t wait to register or it will be too late! The PSA Autumn Adventure Trek allows you to bring friends and family members who meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Special Award Patch

Persons completing the Autumn Adventure Trek will receive a special award patch. It must be earned; it cannot be purchased.

Registration Cut-off

Registration cut-off is Monday September 9, 2019.

Questions about the PSA Autumn Adventure?

6 + 1 =

PSA Registration; Philmont Payment and Refunds

  1. Register here on the PSA website, but…
  2. Payment is made directly to Philmont, not the PSA (address below)
  3. Philmont accepts checks only, no credit cards or PayPal
  4. Make check payable to: “Philmont Scout Ranch”
  5. In the memo, please write: "719-PSA 2020", "PSA Autumn Adventure", “PSA Volunteer Vacation”, "PSA Cavalcade", "PSA PhilBreak", or whatever your event name is.
  6. Philmont’s refund policy: ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. THEY CANNOT BE APPLIED TO FUTURE PSA TREKS OR EVENTS. Emergency situations will be handled by Philmont (not the PSA) on an individual basis.

Send check to this address:
Philmont Scout Ranch
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

The PSA reserves the right to deny or revoke registration where appropriate.

Cancellation date: Monday, September 9th, 2019.