2021 psa Reunion

Gathering once again

Celebrating 50+ Years of Conservation

We invite all PSA members and their families to join us in 2021 for the Annual PSA Reunion. 2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Philmont Conservation Department. The schedule will include activities and programs suited for all members of the PSA, even if you didn’t have direct involvement with the Conservation Department over the years. Guest speakers will join us to discuss the natural resources landscape that is the backbone of this sense of place which Philmont gives each of us. Celebrate our past while we empower ourselves for the next 50+ years of conservation at HOmE.


Conservation Department Est. 1971

Reunion Details

Cost: $50-$200 per person | Dates: July 21-25 2021 | Location: Philmont Training Center

Reunion Basics

When: July 21st-25th, 2021

Where: Philmont Training Center

Cost: $50-$200+$50 Covid Surcharge

*All events subject to a $50 Covid surcharge fee, but it will only apply to a single event per summer so if you register for multiple events you will only pay once.

Registration Deadline: July 9th, 2021

Current Capacity: 300 for registration for the PSA Reunion

Reunion 4 Day Full Package- includes canvas tents and all meals.

Adult: $200

Youth ages 12-17: $75

Youth ages 4-11: $50

Youth ages 3 and younger: FREE

Reunion Daily Rate– each day will include canvas tents and all meals.

$67 per person (adult or youth) 

Maximum daily rates offered for up to two days, if you are interested in three days please register for the Full Package.


Individuals must be a current member of the Philmont Staff Association or direct family member to attend the 2021 PSA Reunion. All PSA Reunion attendees, whether it is 1 day, 2 days or all 4 days, MUST register and follow the Philmont check in guidelines of proof of vaccines or negative Covid tests.  Please visit philmontscoutranch.org  for full details on visiting Philmont this summer.

Your spouse does not need to be a Member of the BSA to attend the Reunion. *BSA requirements are for Summer Trek, Volunteer Vacation, any overnight trekking in the Backcountry.

You will only need Parts A&B when staying at PTC of the Reunion for the Health Form: Philmont Medical Form Parts A&B.

Packing List

Are you wondering what to pack on your trip out to Philmont? We have a great resource click here for more information.

Schedule Highlights

Distinguished Staff Alumni Awards

Conservation Directors Panel 

Beaubien Road Forest Fuel Reduction Project (Full Day)

Lovers Leap Trail Maintenance Project (Morning)

Hike: Miners Park Climbing Area From Lovers Trailhead (Morning)

Trail Construction Project 

PTC Family Programs

Conservation Seminars


Land Use Introduction

Veronica E Tiller, PhD., Jicarilla Apache Historian and Author

North Fork Urraca Trail Construction Project (Full Day)

Beaubien Road Forest Fuel Reduction (Morning)

Hike Window Rock & Demonstration Forest (Morning)

Hike Rayado Trail Notch

Trail Construction Project 

PTC Family Programs

Free Afternoon For Families & Friends

Free evening for small group gatherings 

PTC Family Program Closing Campfire

Palnick Ice Cream Social

Ry Taylor Concert

Conservation Department Expo

Key Issues Facing the Ranch, Forum

PSA Annual Meeting

Closing Campfire Main Event

Silver Sage Awards

BSA Conservation Award

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Payment & Refunds

Payment is made directly to Philmont at the above link

Philmont’s refund policy: ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. THEY CANNOT BE APPLIED TO FUTURE PSA TREKS OR EVENTS. Emergency situations will be handled by Philmont on an individual basis.