President’s Circle


Deadline extended to April 30th for 2021!

2021 is the 15th year for the President’s Circle. We invite you to become a member by making a minimum contribution of $1,000 by March 31 April 30th. This drive ensures that operating funds will be available to the Philmont Staff Association throughout the year.

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In light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the PSA is extending our regular President Circle donation deadline from March 31st to April 30th, 2021 for those who would like to give!

The Presidents Circle helps provide the PSA with necessary funding during the beginning of the year to meet our tight budget. Consider joining the President’s Circle with a minimum donation of $1,000. Your donation will help the PSA to fully support Philmont again this year as we support the staff in changing the lives, and join us at Philmont October 8th-10th, 2021 for Presidents Circle weekend!


presidents_circle_end_dateDear Fellow PSA Members,

2020 was a challenging year for all of us in life and especially in Scouting. Despite the challenges the PSA have endured this year, we still managed to have a good year within our organization. We were able to have Fall Program at Philmont Scout Ranch with Volunteer Vacation, Fall Cavalcade and Autumn Adventure crews. We also had an unprecedented day of fundraising on December 1st Giving Tuesday and managed to end the year on high note of completing our $1.5 million goal for the Building HOmE Capital Campaign. 2021 looks to be a record-breaking summer of Scouts for Philmont Scout Ranch. The PSA is looking forward to getting back into a new normal of campers and supporting Philmont Scout Ranch.

The purpose of the President’s Circle is to help provide funding the beginning of the year. The PSA has successfully stuck to a tight budget and the PSA continues to provide so many helpful activities and aid for the Philmont staff in times of their need. Finally, our scholarship efforts for college students has not gone without notice. Our scholarships for campers in STEM, ROCS, and Rayado really provide aid for Scouts to come to Philmont.

As we indicated last year, without the help of the President’s Circle to ensure PSA operation budget money during the early part of the year, it is hard to have the resources needed in our tight financial time of year. Please consider joining the President’s Circle with a donation of a minimum of $1,000. Your donation will help the PSA to fully support Philmont again this year as we support the staff in changing the lives of over 20,000 campers that is on target to attend Philmont this summer. Due date for the President Circle is April 30, 2021.

As a donor, you will be recognized in many ways, but the inner happiness and comfort of helping the PSA is a real rush. I felt the same feeling in 1967, when joining OA, and truly learning the satisfaction of “cheerful service.” My wife, Cindy, and I are planning on a fantastic President’s Circle weekend in October on the 8th-10th 2021 at Philmont for the Members of the President’s Circle. Mark your calendar! Thank you for your support to the Philmont Staff Association!


Dr. Daniel Miller
President, Philmont Staff Association


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