The 1973 Club

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Join the 1973 Club and give today and next month and next month…

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psa_insta_20150723We need your support to help the Philmont Staff Association meet its goals. As a member you know the great job the PSA does each year in bringing you great events, news & updates, and assistance to Philmont staff and programs. Take a look at what we provide!

  • Seasonal Staff Scholarships and the Staff Amigos program
  • Rayado and ROCS Scholarships for campers
  • Reunions and Treks
  • High Country for news and more
  • The PSA website and e-newsletters
  • A voice with Philmont Management

We have a new, exciting, and convenient way to contribute to the PSA’s Annual Giving drive.

The PSA works year-round to provide services to its members and to Philmont. It is always a challenge to find operating funds, especially early in the year. The 19.73 Club pays tribute to 1973, the PSA’s founding year. Through the 19.73 Club you can donate a small amount every month with an automatic withdrawal and help the PSA meet its obligations.

Here’s how it works: Set up a monthly donation of just $19.73 (or multiples of that amount). It is painless and a great way to support the PSA.

You are also welcome to contribute to the PSA’s Annual Giving drive with a one-time contribution.

Set up your monthly contribution to the 1973 Club. Or you can contact the PSA office 575-376-1138 for more information or to set up your monthly contribution to the 19.73 Club or to make a one-time gift.

Thank you very much. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. With your contributions the PSA is able to give back to Philmont so we can ensure a bright future for its staff and our continued commitment to the Ranch.

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