Building HOmE Contribution

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A single Building HOmE Capital Campaign contribution.

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Waite Phillips knew that in pursuit of accomplishing anything worthwhile there would be obstacles to overcome. So when the Ute Park Fire caused the historic closure of Philmont’s Backcountry in the summer of 2018, we persisted in our mission to Philmont even though it meant setting our more immediate goals aside. The $1.5 million Building HOmE capital campaign was completely suspended in order to raise money for conservation and restoration efforts. Thank you to everyone who embraced “Page 1, Rule 6: ‘Scramble, Be Flexible’” to support the Philmont Fire Relief Fund with your donation. We are now ready to keep heading down our Building HOmE trail. Our WAMI plaque is in sight and we need your help to ensure we all make it to our closing campfire celebration.

We call on all of you, our PSA crew, to join us in the relaunching of the Building HOmE capital campaign as “BUILDING HOmE: The Closing Campfire”. We have just $382,000 left to go to reach the end of our trek!

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